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Flogging Molly Brought The Heat To St. Louis

“Let’s give a big middle finger to Ireland!” -Dave King

Not something you’d expect from the singer of Flogging Molly, but the reason was when he looked at his phone before the show, he saw that it was only 59 degrees back in Ireland compared to 100 degrees in St. Louis. The heat drives anyone to anger.

Flogging Molly came to Music Park without The Interrupters who had to bow out for the evening due to sickness. Even though the heat, Flogging Molly woke up the crowd playing music going back more than 20 years. This tour is one of celebration as not only is it to promote the band’s upcoming album Anthem but also as it’s the first time since the pandemic that the band has returned to St. Louis.

“The Croppy Boy ’98”

It was a night of dancing. Extremely humid, sweaty dancing. We need more concerts like this in rock. Something lively and energetic that involves sing-alongs and cheering. The group has continued to deliver that through the years. With the Summer 2022 tour continuing on with The Interrupters after the band’s recovery, many cities are going to be able to dance along with the band in this hot summer. The show in St. Louis proved people are still looking for something fun to get behind and Flogging Molly can provide.

Drunken Lullabies
The Hand of John L. Sullivan
These Times Have Got Me Drinking / Tripping Up the Stairs / Tripping Up the Stairs
A Song of Liberty
Devil’s Dance Floor
Selfish Man
Crushed (Hostile Nations)
The Seven Deadly Sins
Salty Dog

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