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Ghost Bring The Word Of Impera Live

At Giant Center in Hershey, PA, the band Ghost brought forth the good word of Impera, the band’s upcoming album due March, 11th, 2022. With the changes that have gone on since Ghost’s last tour before the pandemic and the christening of a new Papa, Ghost have created a new ritual with newly designed fashion for the Nameless Ghouls.

Hearing new songs from the upcoming album such as “Hunter’s Moon”, “Call Me Little Sunshine”, and the yet to be released “Kaisarion”, this performance felt special. There was a sense that Ghost were ready to take over the heavy music world again and gain new fans (Worshipers? Cultists? Ghouls?). With the little we know about Impera, it appears that it’s going to have Ghost leading fans into another bold direction.

One of the best things about Ghost is how they are able to make albums sound different as well as compelling and unique. Papa and the Ghouls are making music that stands out as something unique. The show in Hershey, PA was captivating from the opening of a new song all the way through “Mummy Dust” where the crowd was show with Ghost currency and gold glitter. Whether it was headbanging hard to “From The Pinnacle To The Pit” or having the crowd dance to “Dance Macabre”, the crowd of thousands (many of which came dressed up), loved this entire night.

From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Mary On A Cross
Devil Church
Hunter’s Moon
Year Zero
Mummy Dust
Enter Sandman
Dance Macabre
Square Hammer


This co-headline tour also featured Volbeat who are currently promoting their latest album Servant Of The Mind, which came out December 2021. Volbeat had a high end production value with their camera transitions on the stage screens along with paired music videos. Some of the highlights included the first live performance of “Say No More” and the runway rising of a piano and saxophone player for “Wait A Minute My Girl”.

Seal the Deal
Pelvis on Fire
Temple of Ekur
Lola Montez
Ring of Fire / Sad Man’s Tongue
Say No More (first time live)
Wait a Minute My Girl
Black Rose
Shotgun Blues
The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
The Devil Rages On
Doc Holliday
The Sacred Stones
Die to Live
Still Counting

You should see this tour if you can. It’s a great way to kick off live music for the year. Ghost and Volbeat are continuing their co-headline tour through the beginning of 2022. You can find tour dates and more information by clicking here.

Photos of Ghost and Volbeat at GIANT Center.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
on 2/8/22 in Hershey, PA.

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