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Godsmack Performing At Louder Than Life | Photos

Photos of Godsmack at Louder Than Life.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in Louisville, KY on September 28th, 2019.

I have seen Godsmack perform many times over the years and through festivals, concerts and every other setting, Godsmack has always been very hit and miss. At Louder Than Life 2019, the Boston band brought their A-game.

Closing out the Oak Stage on day two of the festival, the band opened with the title track of their latest album When Legends Rise. Sully Erna and company have been going strong for over twenty years now and when you look back at their self-titled debut that burst them onto the scene, it’s impressive to see how many fans still lose it for songs like “Keep Away” and “Whatever”.

There is a night and day difference in performance level when Godsmack is in a great mood and everyone is moving. What I saw in Louisville is what I hope continues throughout their Fall 2019 tour with Halestorm. When this band really comes to deliver, it shows in their performance and the crowd gets that much more into it.

When Legends Rise
Cryin’ Like a B*tch!!
Something Different
Keep Away
Batalla de los tambores
I Stand Alone

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“Under Your Scars”

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