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Halestorm Back From The Dead At Blue Ridge Rock Fest

Halestorm proved they were busy during the pandemic with planning out their upcoming album and co-headline tour with Evanescence later this year. Now that the road is starting to open up and bands are allowed to perform live, Halestorm came to Virginia and closed out the URW stage on day one at Blue Ridge Rock Fest.

The opening day of the festival was a shock to many attendees at Blue Ridge but the group stepped things up for their live show. Lzzy Hale and company are back from the dead zone that was 18 months of sitting at home, writing, and planning. Now, Halestorm is able to continue what they do best: playing live. I have been selling music fans the notion that Halestorm will win you over once you see them perform. It’s been that way for years and Blue Ridge Rock Fest was no different.

Click below to see photos and video of the band’s performance at Blue Ridge Rock Fest, and scroll below to hear the new song “Back From The Dead”.

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Photos of Halestorm at Blue Ridge Rock Fest.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
on 9/9/21 in Danville, VA.

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