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Highly Suspect Bask In The Sun At Aftershock | Photos

Photos of Highly Suspect at Aftershock.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in Sacramento, CA on October 12th, 2019.

I have been a fan of Highly Suspect since the first time I heard “Lydia”. This was the no-gimmick New York based band that was easy to connect with and was upfront about everything in their sound. Aftershock 2019 marked the first time I had seen the band in over two years, and I have to say I missed hearing them live.

Grammy nominated songs “Lydia” and “My Name Is Human” stood out as many in the crowd sang along. The sun was glaring right into the stage and the dust cloud settled over everything, but it did not effect their performance or quality in sound. The band is getting ready for the release of their third album MCID coming next month. Two singles have already been released from the album in “16” and “Upperdrugs” (hear them below) and if history repeats itself, Highly Suspect will have a wild amount of success from the upcoming LP.

Bath Salts
My Name Is Human

You can find tour dates and more info on the band’s Facebook page here: Highly Suspect on Facebook