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How Did I Miss This?! | Powerwolf – Orbit Culture – The Raven Age

A review on several albums all suggested by patrons so I can catch up on what I should have been paying attention to! This video covers The Sacrament Of Sin by Powerwolf, Redfog by Orbit Culture, and Conspiracy by The Raven Age.

Special thanks to Brandon Barenfeld, Christopher Geriak and David Lucas for their Patreon pledges and album suggestions!

Powerwolf is a German power metal band created in 2003 by David Vogt and Benjamin Buss (stage names Charles and Matthew Greywolf, respectively). The group is notable for having dark themes and images, both musically and lyrically, both counteractions to traditional power metal music and including usage of corpse paint, gothic-tinged compositions and songs about Transylvanian werewolf and vampire legends and dark religious tales.

The Raven Age is an English melodic metalcore band formed in London in 2009 by guitarists Dan Wright and George Harris (son of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris). In 2014 the band recorded and released their self-titled EP before supporting Steve Harris British Lion and and then supported Iron Maiden on The Book of Souls World Tour in 2016. On 2 August 2016 the band announced their debut album, Darkness Will Rise, would be released in December 2016, but it was released in March 2017. The band supported Killswitch Engage and Tremonti on their tours in 2018. The band released their second album, Conspiracy, on 8 March 2019.

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