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In This Moment Perform Their Temple Ritual | Photos | Sonic Temple 2019

Photos of In This Moment at Sonic Temple.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in Columbus, OH on May 18th, 2019.

Earlier this month was the news that In This Moment would be releasing Mother in fall of 2019. Advertisements were spread throughout the Sonic Temple grounds at MAPFRE Staidum to hype the mystery surrounding Mother.

The album cycle for In This Moment’s previous album Ritual has gone long and successful. Along with this, the band has reinvented and created new stage designs to make their live show unique. Seeing the new black cutout “Nightmare Before Christmas” set worked great and added to their appearance with the purple video background behind them.

We know that In This Moment usually includes one cover song per album and at Sonic Temple they performed a dooming rendition of “Fly Like An Eagle” by Steve Miller Band. Whether this song will be on Mother or not, it’s clear that In This Moment know how to take something wildly out of the rock scene and make it work for themselves.

Fly Like An Eagle (Cover)
River Of Fire
Natural Born Sinner
Big Bad Wolf

In This Moment will be joining the Evolution tour with Disturbed later this year. You can find upcoming tour dates on their Facebook page here: In This Moment on Facebook

Click on any photo below to open the gallery. Scroll down to watch the music video for “Black Wedding (featuring Rob Halford)”.

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