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Interview: Bloodywood’s First Tour Through The US Is A Massive Success

Bloodywood just wrapped up an immensely successful tour throughout the States. We witnessed their exhilarating performance in New York City’s Gramercy Theatre earlier this month. During their time on the road we were able to get an interview with the guys and learn a little more about this up and coming band from New Delhi, India.

“Hello! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I appreciate it very much! Your show in New York City was FANTASTIC! Seeing everyone having a great time was a beautiful sight. Here are the interview questions, feel free to skip any you guys don’t want to answer!”

Nadia Pulgar:The Nine Inch Naans Tour started at Louder Than Life, what was it like for you guys to experience that festival? Also, what was the process for naming the tour so epically?

 Bloodywood: “It was one hell of a welcome! We were playing the Revolver stage and were told by our tour manager that so many people showing up at that stage was unheard of. It continued the surreal trend we’ve experienced ever since our festival appearance of the tour in Japan. Despite an opening slot or a smaller stage, our supporters (both new and old) have turned them into some epic moments. We wanted to use this tour to prove we are ready for the next level and our supporters here in the US and across the world are helping us do that.

The credit for the tour name goes entirely to the gold mine that is our YouTube comment section! We’ve got enough names for the next ten tours!”

NP: “What has been your favorite aspect of touring throughout the States so far?

Bloodywood: “Finally getting the chance to experience the hype we’ve been feeling from the US. This tour’s been years in the making and we’re not disappointed in the slightest!  The US has been our biggest support base since we first started our journey and amongst them are some of our biggest supporters who we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with through Patreon and social media. It’s been awesome to finally meet them in person too!” 

NP: “Going from a parody band “destroying pop songs” to being listed as one of the “12 new metal bands to watch in 2022” by Metal Hammer, what have been some of the biggest transitions you guys have encountered?

Bloodywood: “Making parodies was a means to an end, all we wanted was to build an audience and explore our sound. The biggest transition we encountered was that we actually managed to do both and were in a position to make originals! Another one was realizing the power that music had. Our first original Jee Veerey was about combating depression, and people told us the song is the reason they’re still alive. We’ve always wanted to use music to make a difference, but that song showed us its true power. We embraced that knowledge and used it in all our songs after that. We also got invited to the Wacken Open Air when we had only one original track. So we worked on new music and had to transition into a band capable of playing the biggest stages in a very short period of time. It involved a lot of practice in a very short period of time. As well as a lot of planning, but we’re proud to say we managed to do it!” 

NP: “Your music encompasses several genres. What is your creative process like?

Bloodywood: “It’s all instinct. The multi-genre aspect is a reflection of our own taste in music. We like it heavy, but we like all kinds too. Usually we’ll work on an instrumental and then we’ll write lyrics after.” 

NP: “I read that Karan was a corporate lawyer. What was the catalyst that set him on the path to becoming a world-touring metal head?” 

Bloodywood: “After working for a few years it only became more apparent with time that Karan didn’t want to spend his life doing something he hated. One day he had enough, so he quit his job and put it all on the line to do what he loves!”

 NP: “As you guys were growing up, who or what inspired you all to become musicians?”

Bloodywood: “Karan was inspired by Mark Tremonti, Jayant by Corey Taylor and Slipknot and Raoul by Eminem and Rage Against The Machine.” 

NP: “Have you guys found it difficult to express your music due to cultural differences or serious societal themes in your songs?”

Bloodywood: “Nope”

NP: “Are there any musicians you’d like to collaborate with in the future?”

Bloodywood: “Serj Tankian, Corey Taylor, Zach De la Rocha and The Hu to name a few.” 

NP: “For each of you, which are your favorite songs to perform?”

Bloodywood: “Karan’s is Bsdk.exe, Jayant’s is Gaddaar, Raoul’s is Machi Bhasad

NP: “What do you hope your fans walk away with after seeing you guys at one of your shows?” 

Bloodywood: “Hope, a belly full of Metal Tikka Masala and a hunger for more!”

NP: “Where do you guys see yourselves in the next five years?”

Bloodywood: “Selling out arenas!” 

NP: “And last but not least, any shout outs?”

Bloodywood: “Huge shout out to Nick Storch of AGI for making this tour happen, and all our supporters here who’ve packed shows and traveled hundreds of miles to see us!”

To learn more about Bloodywood make sure to check them out at the links below:
Bloodywood | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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