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Ivan Moody Dirty Poetry | Live Stream

A live stream for a classy reading of “Dirty Poetry”, from the contagiously contorted and quixotically twisted mind of Ivan Moody (he described himself that way).  

Ivan Moody Dirty Poetry | Live Stream Reading

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Thanks to everyone who tuned in live on YouTube for this. It was something. This stream is definitely not for the little ones as some of the graphic artwork along with the chosen language made this a bit awkward for everyone. I’m not exactly a poet laureate but I also know enough about poetry to know that some of the stuff featured in this book definitely didn’t qualify.

I’m not sure how well this book really holds up even with the diehard Knucklehead fanbase who adore everything by Ivan and Five Finger Death Punch. Then again, there is an audience for everything so who knows what the Monster fueled Kyles will think of this.

Ivan L. Moody (born Ivan Lewis Greening on January 7, 1980) is an American singer and songwriter who is the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP). He performed for several other bands including Motograter and Ghost Machine before joining FFDP. Moody was known by the pseudonym “Ghost” during his time with Motograter.

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