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MGK The Mainstream Sellout | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked for 2/1/22. Talk on the passing of Jon Zazula, Machine Gun Kelly changed his album title, Corey Taylor’s explanation on MGK, and more.

MGK The Mainstream Sellout
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Discussion Topics:
-Jon Zazula, founder of Megaforce Records, passes at age 69.
-Machine Gun Kelly changes the name of his upcoming album to Mainstream Sellout, after getting a tattoo of the previous name Born With Horns.
-Corey Taylor explains the situation with MGK on Shiprocked.
-Three Days Grace now ties Shinedown with most #1 Billboard Rock songs.
-Billboard Top 3, More

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10 Amazing Women Guitarists!

Thanks to everyone that tuned in live on Twitch for the podcast live stream. We stream the podcast every Tuesday at 8PM EST, along with New Music Night every Sunday at 7PM EST.

New video coming on the YouTube channel this week for 20 Famous Bands’ Original Names. In an attempt to learn more about rock history, I learned how Van Halen was at one time called Rat Salad, and Green Day was once called Sweet Children. There are a lot of weird choices when bands were younger and I’m glad many of them realized that a new band name was going to be needed if they wanted to succeed.

Thanks again for the continued support. We’ll keep trying to push everything during the thick and thin of YouTube as well as everything else we are creating. Here’s hoping to good times and success for everyone in the future.

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