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Mr. Trapt Has Problems| The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked episode for March 23, 2020 featuring Geaux Gretchen.  Talking about DWP festival cancellations, Metallica and other bands doing virtual concerts, Mr. Trapt having Twitter hissy fits, and more.  Discussion topics and time stamps below.

AUDIO ISSUES IN THIS EPISODE! Sorry about my crazy audio but the Discord recorder I use messed up my audio track bad. I’ll be relying on offline recording through the computer from now on. As for this week enjoy my slowed down AND sped up voice!

Mr. Trapt Has Problems
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Discussion topics and time stamps: 
-DWP Festivals Epicenter, Welcome To Rockville, and Sonic Temple cancelled for May 2020 = 1:30 
-Metallica Mondays and other bands doing virtual concerts = 13:00 
-Shinedown teaming with Direct Relief to release new song/t-shirt combo = 16:25 
-The man from Trapt is desperate for attention = 19:47 
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The Psychostick Free Virtual Concert 3/26/2020

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Below is one of Loudwire’s tweets about Chris Brown of Trapt. It’s worth five minutes of your time to dive down the hissy fit Twitter rabbit hole rampage the man has been on during the past week. It’s clear he’s doing this (again) for album attention, but it’s still like watching a huge trash fire burn out.

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