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New Found Glory Bring The Movie Soundtracks to Delmar Hall | Photos | St. Louis, MO 6/19/2019

Photos of New Found Glory.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in St. Louis, MO on June 19th, 2019.

Anyone that comes out wearing USA boxing gloves while singing “Eye Of The Tiger” demands your attention. That’s exactly how New Found Glory took the stage when returning to St. Louis. The pop-punk icons played a sold-out show at Delmar Hall supporting their latest installment of covers titled From The Screen To Your Stereo 3, featuring covers from movies like Frozen, The Greatest Showman, Back To The Future and more.

It was an interesting crowd at Delmar Hall. There wasn’t the typical rowdy St. Louis crowd inside with endless crowd surfers and movement. This show felt more like hundreds of fans crammed into watch a band they group up with. At one point Chad Gilbert addressed the crowd saying to enjoy the show however you want. While that fired up some, it really felt like a big group of people wanting to sing along with the band instead of sweating on top of each other.

As for the performance itself, the Florida based icons still know how to deliver. Whether it was the many soundtrack covers or playing some of the old hits, NFG still had a fire in them. It didn’t appear phoned in.

New Found Glory is going across the country and back again on the “From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town Tour”. You can find upcoming tour dates and more info on the band’s Facebook page here: New Found Glory on Facebook

Click on any photo above to open the gallery and scroll below to hear New Found Glory’s covers of “Let It Go” and “Cups”.

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