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Palaye Royale Unleashes a Fever Dream in NYC

Palaye Royale returned to New York City this past Sunday evening with the aptly named Fever Dream Tour, accompanied by Atlanta-based glam punk rockers Starbenders and singer/songwriter Mod Sun.  

Strutting across the stage at the historic Webster Hall, Starbenders kicked off the night promptly at 7:30pm. Blending the best parts of 70’s retro-glitter with 80’s theatrical glam, Starbenders delivered a dizzying performance to an equally enthusiastic crowd. Coming off like a darker counterpart of Jem and the Holograms, lead singer/guitarist Kimi Shelter commanded attention with an impressive range of sultry vocals and undeniable presence. Definitely a band to keep an eye (and ear) on.

Despite introducing himself to the crowd, Mod Sun didn’t really need much of an introduction. The singer/songwriter bolted onto the stage with unmatched energy that was both dizzying and invigorating. Performing a string of hits from 2021’s Internet Killed the Rockstar, Mod Sun demanded audience participation and easily got it: from flawless sing-a-longs to the by now infamous bounce of Webster Hall’s floor, his set definitely got the audience riled up for the main event of the night.

Kicking off with “Nightmares” off 2020’s The Bastards, Palaye Royale hit the stage like a frenzied hurricane in all the best ways. Flanked by lead guitarist Sebastian Danzig, drummer Emerson Barrett and two touring musicians, Remington Leith – who admitted to having woken up with “a bit of strep” – delivered palpable joy in each of his raspy vocals. With fans heartily belting the band’s lyrics back at them, the energy did not once dip below 110%.

The set felt short, but I think that was only because each song was an absolute banger, and Palaye Royale did not allow for a much of a lull. Playing a majority of newer tracks, the set felt fresh and exciting. Obvious standout favorites were “Fucking With My Head,” “Dying in a Hot Tub,” “Get Higher” and the title track for upcoming album “Fever Dream.” Now this is an absolute treasure of a song with a driving drum roll and soaring chorus reminiscent of beloved Black Parade hits that makes it impossible to not sing along. It’s really no secret that Palaye Royale happily share a cross over audience with My Chemical Romance – up until a few years ago, the band even covered “Teenagers” on most of their live shows. But while the influences and similarities are there, that’s where the comparison stops. Palaye Royale thrives in its theatrical performances, but they are very much their own entity through and through.

By now it’s pretty much a given that a band’s exit from the stage is not a true goodbye, but while waiting for the encore, the crowd was absolutely deafening in its request for Palaye Royale’s latest single “Lifeless Stars.” And… they got their wish. “Well goddamn,” uttered Leith upon his return to the stage. “We weren’t gonna play this one, but if that’s what you guys want.” New York City definitely got an extra treat Sunday night with not one but two songs for its encore which wrapped up with “Lonely.”

I must say, having first literally stumbled across Palaye Royale during a performance of “Teenagers” at NJ’s Warped Tour 2016, I’m so incredibly proud of how far they’ve come. From various opening slots to headlining local dives, they’ve definitely one of my personal must photograph bands because their live show is no joke. With a new album, Fever Dream coming out October 28th on Sumerian Records, I really can’t wait to see what the next chapter will be for Palaye Royale.

In the meantime – the Fever Dream Tour continues to weave across North America (tour dates at the bottom of the post), and you should definitely grab yourself a ticket.

Check out my photos from the show below.

Mod Sun Photos:

Starbenders Photos:

All photos taken by Ana Santos
on September 25, 2022
at Webster Hall in New York City

Remaining Fever Dream Tour Dates:
September 27 – Nashville, TN
September 28 – Newport, KY
September 29 – Columbus, OH
September 30 – Toronto, OH
October 1 – Detroit, MI
October 3 – Minneapolis, MN
October 4 – Chicago, IL
October 6 – Milwaukee, WI
October 7 – Omaha, NE
October 8 – Denver, CO
October 11 – Seattle, WA
October 12 – Portland, OR
October 15 – Reno, NV
October 17 – Sacramento, CA
October 18 – San Francisco, CA
November 6 – Los Angeles, CA
Get your tickets here.

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