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Photos: AVATAR at Pop’s in Sauget, IL 10/20/2018

It is difficult to get a crowd of over one thousand to chant a band’s name at the end of a performance, but Avatar was able to hear that in Sauget, IL.  Currently on The Sin And The Sentence Tour with Trivium, the world’s favorite Swedish metal circus (or I’m calling them that anyway) were able to get a crowd riled up from the opening of “Hail The Apocalypse” & “What I Don’t Know”, all the way to the closing moments of “Tower”.

One of the better moments of the show came between songs with Johannes kept trying to pronounce the name of the town Sauget, calling it everything from “Soggy” to “Saget”.  Even when asking the crowd for a pronunciation, he eventually just said “Thank you, America”.

Avatar’s latest album Avatar Country came out this past January.  You can find more information on the album and check their upcoming tour dates by heading to their Facebook page here: Avatar on Facebook

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Photos of Avatar

All photos taken by Luke Spencer

in Sauget, IL on October 20th, 2018.