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Photos: EVERY TIME I DIE at Warped Tour in St. Louis, MO 7/3/2018

Photos of Every Time I Die at Warped Tour.

All photos taken by Luke Spencer

in St. Louis, MO on July 3rd, 2018.

Backstage when talking with Trevor Phillips of Unearth in the morning of Warped Tour, he said he tries to see Every Time I Die every chance he gets on this final run of Warped Tour.  Later in the day when talking to Briton Bond of Wage War, he said that Every Time I Die was his favorite band on the entire lineup this year.  This was my first time ever seeing Every Time I Die perform live, and I now understand why both of those men feel that way.

The Buffalo men closed out the Mutant White Lightning Stage and reinvigorated a lot of fans who were exhausted from the heat.  To the many people who stayed until ETID played that night, they were rewarded with a fun set.  This is the type of heavy band that I wish more people would give a chance because Every Time I Die is a band that can carry that banner while performing at a high level.

If you are planning on attending the final Warped Tour run this year, make sure to add Every Time I Die to your daily schedule.  You can check out the tour dates and more info on Every Time I Die’s Facebook page here: Every Time I Die on Facebook

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