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Poppy – Flux | Album Review

A review on Flux, the latest album from the ever-changing Poppy. How does her take on genre-bending and screaming fair for her latest album? 

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Poppy Flux Album Review

Moriah Rose Pereira (born January 1, 1995), known professionally as Poppy and formerly That Poppy, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and YouTuber

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“So Mean”

While this album was different from I Disagree and the Eat EP, I still enjoyed it. I”m trying to buckle in now because a huge amount of new music in rock and metal is coming in October and there is no way I’ll be able to cover it all. Join us on New Music Night every weekend on Twitch to listen to each week’s new songs as that’s become a great way for people to keep up with new music. New video on 10 Banned Album Covers is coming early next week!

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