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Poppy Shines At Sold-Out St. Louis Show | Photos

“St. Louis…Missouri…I love you.”

Those were the words given by internet sensation and post-genre artist Poppy. This show in St. Louis sold-out several months in advance and was by far one of the most unique entities to come to Delmar Hall in quite some time.

Opening with “Concrete’, Poppy hooked everyone in with a wild delivery of music and vigor that is hard to describe in words but even harder to compare with other artists. In all of the best ways, this genre-bending artist has become something “fresh” in many stale music scenes.


As the night went on Poppy proved she is much more than shock value and quick audio/style transitions in her music. Everything about the performance felt genuine toward giving a great show and the all ages crowd (seriously, this show had a range of EVERYONE in attendance) were able to enjoy everything at Delmar Hall. Some of the song delivery was excellent and sold me on the music featured in the latest album I Disagree. Hearing “Play Destroy” and “Sit Stay” made me appreciate these tracks even more than just hearing them on Poppy’s latest release.

These are the artists that I feel should have the biggest of spotlights shown on them. Musicians and writers who are intentionally trying to think outside of the box and not cashing in on trends. The artists who are working to create something new. Over the past few years, rock and metal has been starving for music like this. It may feel odd that a YouTube star once known for pop music is now fusing heavy elements into her music and THAT getting the spotlight, but it’s undeniably working.

Poppy will be going on tour with Deftones and Gojira later this year. You can find tour dates and more info on Poppy’s Facebook page by clicking here: Poppy on Facebook

Blood Money
Scary Mask
Play Destroy
Fill The Crown
Am I A Girl?
Anything Like Me
Nothing I Need
All The Things She Said
Sit Stay
Sick Of The Sun
Don’t Go Outside
Bite Your Teeth
I Disagree

“Fill The Crown”
“Anything Like Me”
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