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PUP Live Up To Potential In St. Louis

It was a sloppy Friday night show (their words, not mine).

PUP returned to St. Louis in the middle of the “PUP Returns Thank ******* God” tour at The Pageant. This runs along with the promotion of the group’s latest album “The Unraveling Of PUPTHEBAND” which came out earlier this year (short review of the album below).

With the opening keyboard notes of “Four Chords” leading into more new music from the band’s latest release, it was clear that PUP had their performance and timing down. Deep into the tour after waiting almost endlessly for pandemic restrictions to end. Despite the comically cynical nature of many PUP songs, this was an upbeat show to a good crowd in St. Louis. This indeed was a great Friday night show, even though the band has felt like it’s been Friday for several days in a row.

This was my first time seeing PUP live even though I’ve been listening to the band for years, with Morbid Stuff being one of my favorite albums of 2019. In that time since following the band, I’ve always heard PUP put on a good performance. I’m not only happy with what I saw, but I wasn’t the only one. This was a concert that felt good to be at. Stefan Babcock addressing the crowd and thanking St. Louis for always being good to them and then telling everyone to make friends with each other in the audience made everything feel wholesome, before going into songs with a cynical but cheeky outlook on life.

PUP will continue on the road through the US and overseas later this year. Click below to see photos from PUP live in St. Louis, scroll down for tour dates, and to hear music from the band’s latest album.

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PUP – The Unraveling Of PUPTHEBAND | Album Review #Shorts

PUP Live Up To Potential

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