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RIP Every Time I Die | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked for 1/18/22. Talk on the end of Every Time I Die, When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas, Knotfest Roadshow returning, and more.

RIP Every Time I Die
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Discussion Topics:
-The ugly end to Every Time I Die.
-When We Were Young festival announced ft. My Chemical Romance and Paramore.
-Honeymoon Fest is a real festival.
-Knotfest Roadshow returns with Slipknot.
-Billboard Top 3, more.

Click here for Knotfest 2022 Tour Dates!

Thanks to everyone that tuned in live on Twitch for the live stream. We had more people than average in the chat and it made the experience better. Here’s hoping we can continue to grow the podcast more both in weekly listeners and in live stream viewers.

A reminder that we stream the podcast live at 8 PM EST every Tuesday at HTTP://twitch.tv/rockednet

Coming up on the YouTube channel is a video on 10 Amazing Women Guitarists. It’s a short video that focuses on some of the current heavy music scene that shows off what some women are doing and who deserves more attention.

Along with that, Rock Coliseum: Song VS Song II will be on January 26th at 8PM EST. Hope to see as many people as possible watching this one. We love doing Rock Coliseum and how it’s become something for many of you.

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