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Rise Against Bring Nowhere Generation To St. Louis

This was my first concert in 17 months. I say that because I am confident it’s been roughly the same amount of time for many (if not most) fans who saw Rise Against in St. Louis on August 27th. A few songs into the set, Tim McIlrath took to the mic saying how it’s been a crazy two years and the band wasn’t sure if they’d ever be able to play live again.

Supporting their ninth studio album Nowhere Generation, Rise Against came to Music Park as the band’s second to last stop before heading home to Chicago. “Nowhere Generation” truly feels like an apt description of our current age of music fans. We know we need to progress but are incapable of moving forward due to those in front of us. The setlist included several songs from the band’s latest release that helped reflect many of these notions. As always, Rise Against stands at the forefront of making topical and sociopolitical punk rock.

The stage design was unique with screen covers in front of speaker stacks with the simple but giant zero as a symbol and banner. It was undeniably a hot night in St. Louis but the crowd was clearly willing to sweat for the show. While I admit I would have loved to see more light and shine on the band, the group sounded great. Rise Against has been going strong for roughly 20 years and the live performance still sounds vibrant and tight. It was good to see a true concert again as the world slowly (and in this case cautiously) begins to open up.

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Rise Against – “Nowhere Generation”
Rise Against – “The Numbers”

Photos of Rise Against at Music Park.
All photos were taken by Luke Spencer
in St. Louis, MO on 8/27/21.