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Rob Zombie and Mudvayne Bring Out Freaks On Parade

Freaks On Parade. There has never been a more aptly named tour than Rob Zombie and Mudvayne have brought out for 2022. Starting in St. Louis, MO, this tour kicked off in brutal heat to show how much people will stick it out to see the freak show.

At a deeper look, this tour glorified what hard rock and nu-metal had to offer in the late 90s and early 2000s. Featuring Static-X and Powerman 5000, this tour felt like a celebration for this style of music 20 years ago. People were singing along to songs from Tonight, The Stars Revolt and Wisconsin Death Trip. Fans were ecstatic for the return of Mudvayne after more than a decade away. Everyone was surprised by the new stage antics of Rob Zombie including a high zombie podium to start the show.

The heat got up to roughly 99 degrees in St. Louis. On a nasty Summer Wednesday in the middle of July, people packed the amphitheater to the lawn and back fencing just for this tour. There are many massive tours now starting or going through the gateway to the west because finally, the industry is realizing there is a good audience here. It took a while, but St. Louis is becoming a music city again.

You can find the full tour dates for the Freaks On Parade Tour below on Rob Zombie’s Instagram post.

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