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Saor Sign To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce
the signing of Caledonian metal band SAOR.

Band is currently in the process
of writing new material. 

Founder Andy Marshall comments on the signing: “I’m very happy to announce that SAOR has signed a deal with Season of Mist! It’s an honour to be signed to such an influential label and it already feels like home. I’m looking forward to this collaboration and to start working on my next album.”

Check out SAOR‘s highly acclaimed album ‘Forgotten Paths’ (2019) on their Bandcamp page!

Since its formation in 2013, SAOR has continually evolved while remaining boldly faithful to its Scottish heritage. Forged by the vision of the band’s founder Andy Marshall, SAOR (meaning “Free” in Scottish Gaelic) has a uniquely expressive approach that dives deep into lyrical themes based on literature, landscapes, history, sorrow, nature, and the majestic mountains of his homeland.

Expertly transitioning between atmospheric Black Metal, Celtic Folk, and traditional Scottish sounds – the wildly exploratory music of SAOR knows no limitations and seeks out every opportunity to expand on its potential.

With a crew of talented session musicians surrounding him in the studio, Andy recorded the debut album ‘Roots’ in the band’s inaugural year, following it up with the second record ‘Aura’ in 2014. Inspired by the response, Andy pushed himself creatively towards that next-level once again and brought his songs to the stage live for the first time in 2015 – a move that immediately bolstered the ambitions of SAOR and opened the door to an entire host of new opportunities for them.

The release of the 2016 album ‘Guardians’ saw even more support for the band’s music forming rapidly, soon finding SAOR in high demand for shows all over the globe. Surging forward to cover the map with stops in Russia, Malta, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Finland and the UK, they played in feature spots of notable festivals like Hellfest Open Air, Ragnarök Festival, Damnation Festival, Steelfest Open Air, Kilkim Žaibu, and Cernunnos Pagan Fest along their journey.

Cementing their place on the stage where they rightly belonged, Saor became synonymous with gripping live performances, showcasing the range of sonic extremities in the band’s sound while revealing captivating ideas and complex structures.

The release of the ‘Forgotten Paths’ in 2019 marked the band’s breakthrough to a wider audience. Their creation of Caledonian Metal has clearly caught fire with listeners and ignited what was once only a spark of support into a full-blown blaze of burning desire and an authentic craving for the unmatched skill, uniqueness, and imagination in SAOR’s sound.

Now, signed to Season of Mist and with a new record in the works, SAOR are getting ready for the the next chapter of their career.

Genre: Caledonian metal

Andy Marshall

Current live members: 
Andy Marshall – Vocals/Bass (2014-present)
Bryan Hamilton – Drums (2014-present)
Reni McDonald Hill – Guitars (2015-present)
Lambert Segura – Violins (2016-present)
Paolo Bruno – Guitars (2018-present)

SAOR live:
09/28/19: Antwerp (BE) @ BE Acoustic
10/18/19: Leeuwarden (NL) @ Into the Void
10/19/19: Arlon (BE) @ Night Metal Fest X
10/25/19: Paris (FR) @ O’ Sullivans Backstage By The Mill
10/26/19: Nantes (FR) @ Samhain Fest
10/27/19: Lyon (FR) @ Rock ‘n Eat
11/15/19: Saint-Petersburg (RU) @ Mod Club
11/16/19: Moscow (RU) @ Pravda Club
12/07/19: Klein Gent (BE) @ JOC Gentbrugge
02/19/22: York (UK) @ Descended From Odin Takeover

For more on SAOR, visit their official