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SATELLITE CITI Talk Making “Reaper”, Latest Album Fear Tactics, More

Interview with Satellite Citi talking about their newly released music video for “Reaper”, latest album Fear Tactics, plans for a graphic novel, and more.

SATELLITE CITI Talk New Music Video “Reaper”, Latest Album Fear Tactics, More 

Discussion Topics: 
-New music video for “Reaper” using the same diner as Ghost’s “Rats”. 
-Making an album and music video during a pandemic. 
-New graphic novel “Space Walker” and tied in EP. 
-Who their dream collaborations would be with. 
-New album Fear Tactics about mental health. 

“Reaper” Music Video

After giving several tempting teases with a few singles released in the past year, the on-the-rise L.A.-based hard rock duo Satellite Citi will self-release their anticipated new full-length album Fear Tactics on September 3 – a follow-up to their acclaimed 2018 debut EP Negative Space. 

Helmed by producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Liz Phair, Touche Amore), Fear Tactics sonically features a wide range of inspiration from Black Sabbath to Muse to Halestorm. And the message of the album thematically centers around the importance of mental health, while also representing the band’s own struggles of coping with fear and anxiety, even more apparent in today’s culture. 

“Musically, Fear Tactics is a hard rock record and undoubtedly heavier than our previous work. We strive to find a good balance between bringing back guitar riffs, and having memorable vocal melodies,” says the band. 

As Huffington Post has declared of the band, “Satellite Citi are on the road to delivering audiences with music that tackles important issues that our society is facing today.” 

Their latest singles highlight this focal point for the band. Released in May, “Empath” is centered around the five stages of grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance – and aimed to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. The acoustic version of the song premiered via MXDWN here: https://music.mxdwn.com/2021/06/11/news/mxdwn-premiere-satellite-citi-shine-a-light-on-mental-health-in-new-video-for-empath/ 

In late 2020, Satellite Citi also released “Antibody,” featuring Crobot’s Brandon Yeagley, dedicated to the people of Armenia and bringing awareness to the latest attacks on the country beginning in late September 2020 that killed hundreds of innocent civilians and displaced thousands more. See the evocative music video premiered by Loudwire here: https://loudwire.com/satellite-citi-antibody-video/ 

The band, featuring drummer/vocalist Anna Gevorkian and guitarist Shaunt Sulahian, are both Armenian-Americans born and raised in Los Angeles. They first launched Satellite Citi in 2015 with the eloquent track “Rock Bottom” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Fear Tactics continues their promising trajectory.

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