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Spanish Love Songs Choose Optimism In St. Louis | Photos

It’s not goodbye forever, it’s just goodbye for now.

After the heartbreak that many bands and tours have faced this past week with the COVID-19 situation across the world, The Wonder Years featuring Spanish Love Songs were abruptly forced to postpone all remaining tour dates with the stop in St. Louis being their final one for now.

This was SLS’ first time in St. Louis and it truly felt like a make-shift going away party for many people. The Ready Room would be closing indefinitely while the Coronavirus prevention is going on and tours will be haulted through St. Louis, so everyone that showed up definitely had an air of “Enjoy the night because it’s the last we’ll have in a while.”

Brave Faces, Everyone, the latest album from SLS, revolves around trying to be an optimist in rough circumstances. In March 2020, this is a narrative that can definitely be thought about and applied. It’s not a good situation, but we need our brave faces and to choose optimism as a radical life choice.

The band’s set highlighted songs through their catalog including their latest release from February of this year. I am doing a proper review of the album next month in a “How Did I Miss This?!” catch up video, but Brave Faces, Everyone is my favorite album of 2020 so far. It’s the rare beginning to end play-through that I’ve played countless times and am still going back to. Several songs like “Losers pt. 2” were played in St. Louis this night.

At the end of the show with The Wonder Years closing out, SLS along with the other support acts joined the show to sing along on stage with the StL crowd as a bon voyage. In what could have been an awkward good bye, every band on the show made it a heart-warming and joyous celebration. It’s not what I was expecting, but I loved every second of it (fan footage from a tweet below).

Support your favorite bands online for the next few months. Buy a t-shirt or pay for an album. Do something. You’d be surprised how much that’s going to help your favorite artists over the next month.

The band will be posting updates through social media accounts about made up dates including their headline tour. You can find the band’s Facebook page here: Spanish Love Songs on Facebook

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