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Starset Expand Horizons In St. Louis

After taking a day off in the Gateway To The West and band members attending a St. Louis Blues victory, Starset held a demonstration on a rainy night in Delmar Hall. Dustin Bates told the sold-out crowd that this was the band’s first time back to St. Louis post-pandemic and how this tour was technically promoting two albums: 2019’s Divisions and 2021’s Horizons.

Starset – Horizons

With so much new music to promote and an expanded live set (the band now increasing to seven people on stage), It feels like Starset are determined to expand their horizons with their overall presentation. It worked. Delmar Hall featured one of the the best light and stage setups that the venue has had in years thanks to Starset’s performance.

Featuring The Word Alive and All Good Things, this Friday night show was something special for the city. With the world re-opening, St. Louis venues are getting more bands touring through the city which is dramatically helping the rest of the nation realize that there is a vast music fanbase that has grown in St. Louis over the years.

Starset has also grown over the years. The fans that have been listening since Transmissions have noticed just how much more evolved the music has become. Hearing hits from the band’s discography showed how much Starset has accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. Starset are finishing their tour promoting Horizons. Here’s hoping they continue to expand those horizons in 2022.

“Leaving This World Behind”

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The Breach
Where The Skies End
Let It Die
Point Of No Return
It Has Begun
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Die For You
My Demons

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