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Static-X Celebrate 20 Year Death Trip | Photos

Static-X lives on. Wayne Static would be proud.

That was the thought going through my head as the remaining members of Static-X, now joined by Xer0, kicked off the night while deep in the Wisconsin Death Trip 20th Anniversary Tour. This was my first time seeing Static-X live since 2002 and I knew I was obviously going to be in for a different experience, but I was hopeful that I would enjoy the night.

Wisconsin Death Trip is legitimately one of my favorite albums growing up and something that I still feel holds up in 2019. Hearing all the songs from the album played by the current iteration of Static-X not only did justice to the album 20 years later, but it was great to hear these songs live again.

After playing the song “Fix”, Xer0 addressed the crowd celebrating the 20th anniversary of Wisconsin Death Trip as well as honoring Wayne Static. This was a crowd that was all in unison through the night and it felt like everyone in Sauget (just across the river outside of St. Louis, MO) was loving the show. The crowd was wild with crowd surfing and pits everywhere on the floor, but everyone had a smile on their faces. Even security guards working the show were loving the environment and enjoying the night as they even knew this was a special concert event.

Static-X is finishing out the 20th Anniversary Tour and will have more in store for 2020. You can find upcoming tour dates and more info on the band’s Facebook page here: Static-X on Facebook.

Project Regeneration is rumored for 2020. I was curious to see what would come of the new Static-X, but after seeing this show live I’m now optimistic. Here’s hoping the new year brings forth good news on all fronts from the band.

Bled For Days
Wisconsin Death Trip
Sweat Of The Bud
Love Dump
I Am
The Trance Is The Motion
Get To The Gone
Black & White
This Is Not
Destroy All
Start A War
I’m With Stupid (He’s A Loser)
Push It

Photos of Static-X at Pop’s Night Club.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
on December 6th, 2019 in St. Louis, MO.