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The Best & Worst Of 2021 | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked for 12/28/21 talking about the best & worst of 2021. Crazy feuds, pandemic, great albums, disappointing albums, terrible political songs, live touring making a comeback, and more. 

The Best & Worst Of 2021
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Thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Twitch for the live stream. Hopefully, you all have a great New Year and achieve everything you set out to accomplish in 2022. I know that 2021 wasn’t as bright as we all had hoped coming out of 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the next year better and good things can’t happen in the future.

I’m currently working on the Top 10 Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Of 2021 video. It should be up in less than a week. After that, I’m strategizing how I want to go forward with videos and live streams. I want to grow YouTube to 100K subs sooner than later and I also want Twitch to do better in overall numbers. Some changes will need to happen in order to get there.

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In the meantime, I’ll try to keep everyone updated on what’s going on for the main YouTube channel. Whether I stop doing regular album reviews OR work on more think-piece videos, I want to be able to grow the channel. Looking back at the past year, I feel some changes need to be made in order to get there (that and the YouTube algorithm to stop punishing me). If you have any suggestions for upcoming videos, let me know through Discord or Twitter. Here’s hoping for the best for everyone in 2022.

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