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The Podcast That Rocked | Festivals VS Public Peeing

The Podcast That Rocked for 11/16/21. Talk on the Brass Against incident in Florida, Welcome To Rockville Headliners, Korn announcing new music and plans for 2022, and more. 

Festivals VS Public Peeing
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Discussion Topics: 
-The Brass Against situation at Welcome To Rockville 2021. 
-Headliners announced for Welcome To Rockville 2022
-The state of festival headliners for rock and metal and how older bands keep taking headline spots. 
-Korn announcing the new album Requiem for 2022, today marks 22 years of Issues. 
-Starset’s “My Demons” reaches Platinum status. 
-Code Orange tries to go Nu-Metal. 
-Billboard Mainstream Top 3, more. 

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Thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Twitch. We do a live stream of The Podcast That Rocked every Tuesday at 8PM EST on Twitch so join the live chat while the podcast is going on. We also have New Music Night every Sunday at 7PM EST to go over new music that dropped the past week.

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