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The Podcast That Rocked | Limp Bizkit Doesn’t Completely Suck?

The Podcast That Rocked for 11/2/21 ft. @geauxgretchen. Talk on Limp Bizkit’s first new album in 10 years, Slipknot teasing new music, Marilyn Manson trying to pray, and more. 

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Discussion Topics:  
-Limp Bizkit releases Still Sucks, their first album in 10 years, and it’s definitely not terrible. 
-Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, and Justin Bieber walk into a church… 
-New NFT coming from Slipknot? 
-Green Day headlining Innings Fest in Tampa. 
-Ivan Moody VS Tommy Vext 
-Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry 
-Regretting The Past on Kid Rock’s Cocky is coming soon. Sorry, everyone.
-Billboard Mainstream Top 3 
-Gretchen & I are engaged! She never saw it coming!

Join us live 11/3 at 8PM EST for the classy live stream of Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry! It’ll be absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible. The link is below.

Ivan Moody’s Dirty Poetry | Live Stream

Click here for a video on
10 Great Rock & Metal
Performances On Conan!

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations and well-wishing on our engagement. We were overwhelmed with notifications and we truly appreciate the support over the years. The end of the podcast has Gretchen telling the proposal story and how it all played out at Todd English’s Bluezoo in Disney World if you want to hear.

The Podcast That Rocked | Limp Bizkit Doesn’t Completely Suck?

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