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The Podcast That Rocked | Old Rock Is All That Sells

The Podcast That Rocked for 7/20/21. Discussion on the best-selling albums of 2021 being dominated by classic rock names, remembering Chester Bennington after four years gone, new album announcements from Iron Maiden, The Killers, Thrice, Skillet, more. 

Old Rock Is All That Sells
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Discussion Topics: 
-Remembering Chester Bennington. 
-The best-selling albums of 2021 are dominated by classic rock. 
-New album announcements from Iron Maiden, Thrice, Skillet, more. 
-Country music can keep Aaron Lewis. 
-Protocol going back to concert/festival life. 


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Thanks to everyone that tuned in live. Sorry about the audio issue in the video format, but the podcast format should be just fine. Join us on New Music Night this Sunday on Twitch and please come support our first week of Rocksmith playing on Twitch starting next Wednesday 7/28/21! Twitch.tv/rockednet

Also, Rock Coliseum XI is today on the main channel (link below). This is something Jon, Mark, Crash & I always look forward to. The more people we can get to watch live, the better. Please join us at 8PM EST.

Rock Coliseum XI

Is anyone else hoping for a ton of Crash impressions? I know I am. I’m hoping this time we can get him to do one of Crabby Uncle Aaron singing about how he thinks he’s better than Bruce Springsteen. Just the fact that he called him out in his fake patriotism country song still shocks me a little. Gross. Country music can keep him. I know that’s not fair to country fans, but we have to deal with Machine Gun Kelly now so we have our hands full.

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