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The Podcast That Rocked | The Best And Worst Of 2019 (Ft. ARTV, Spectrum Pulse, Crash Thompson)

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The Podcast That Rocked episode for December 30, 2019 featuring ARTV, Spectrum Pulse, and Crash Thompson celebrating the best and worst of music in 2019!  We are all over the place on this one so topics are below! 

Music and Topics Discussed
(too many for timestamps this time): 
-Motley Crue are “returning”? 
-Staind have returned… 
-Creeper have returned! 
-My Chemical Romance have returned!!! 
-Warped Tour changed for the better but might get worse? 
-Woodstock 2019 ended before it could start. 
-Sonic Temple 2019 was amazing. 
-Epicenter 2019 was rough. 
-TOOL finally delivered new music. 
-Lingua Ignota made an album that’s truly remarkable. 
-PUP made one of the most fun albums of the year. 
-Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart of 2019 was discouraging. 
-Ivan Moody’s behavior has significantly improved. 
-Five Finger Death Punch released new music and it eludes to more of the same. 
– Sturgill Simpson killed it in the country scene. 
-Zac Brown Band failed miserably. 
-Red Hot Chili Peppers reunite with John Frusciante. 
-AJR need to go away. 
-La Dispute impressed many people. 
-Puddle Of Mudd are still terrible. 
-Logic struck out twice. 
-Maroon 5 and Meghan Trainor are teaming up. 
-Poppy has a world of momentum (and we hope things keep going great). 
-Is Ozzy Osbourne going to impress in 2020? 
-Slipknot released something great with We Are Not Your Kind.   
-A Day To Remember is delayed for a while. 
-Weezer had a wild and colorful year. 
-Green Day have something interesting coming. 
-Taylor Swift is on top of the music world and her movie career is in the litter box. 
-Maroon 5 blew it at the Superbowl. 
-Kid Rock still sucks. 
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