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The Used Thrive At Sold-Out St. Louis Show | Photos

Photos of The Used at Delmar Hall.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
on January 31, 2020 in St. Louis, MO.

Another sold-out show. The Used have become accustomed to this over time playing concert venues over the past 15+ years, and one look into Delmar Hall proved just how tight of a squeeze it was for everyone to fit in.

Opening up with “I’m A Fake”, the band hit hard for the first several minutes of the show and got good crowd participation from the barricade riders. The stage production added to the event with great lighting that many bands are skimping on while on tour these days. It definitely added to the experience.

After a few songs into the set, Bert McCracken took to the mic talking about it being a big day for emo bands (vaguely referring to My Chemical Romance‘s return and their North America arena tour selling out in hours). Bert would then continue adding “Since we never went anywhere, let’s play an old song.” It was an odd statement but the crowd ate up the idea of The Used playing something from the group’s earlier days.

A few minutes later, McCracken would take to the mic making a joke about how “England finally left the awful EU and good for them.” The joke…caused a notable silence. It wasn’t a moment of laughter or anger or disgust, but confusion. There was a noticeable moment of concern and bewilderment from everyone at Delmar Hall. Bert would address that it was just a joke and he didn’t mean to get political before leading into the next track. A few songs later, the show was back to normal and everyone appeared to be having a good time.

During the show, The Used performed their newest song “Blow Me” which is their first new track in over two years. You can hear the song below, featuring Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333.

“Blow Me”

It’s good to see a band like The Used continue on the road and giving their fans what they want. Whether or not the band comes out with a new album in 2020, it’s worth pointing out that groups like The Used are still proving that touring and promoting can bring good music to fans across the country.

I’m a Fake 
Take It Away 
The Bird and the Worm 
Empty with You 
I Caught Fire 
Blow Me 
The Taste of Ink 
All That I’ve Got 
Buried Myself Alive 
Blood on My Hands 
Lunacy Fringe 
Pretty Handsome Awkward 
A Box Full of Sharp Objects 

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