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Top 10 BEST Albums Of 2021

There was a massive amount of music that came out in 2021 through rock, alternative, metal, indie, punk, etc. This video takes a look at the Top 10 BEST Albums Of 2021. Click below to watch the video for a full breakdown or scroll below to see a brief description for each album ranked.

Top 10 Best Albums Of 2021

#10: Rise Against – Nowhere Generation

Tim Mcilrath sounds as powerful as ever and the killer drumming from Brandon Barnes drives Nowhere Generation. This album revitalized the band’s focus on socio-political stances as well as the message to our current generation how we are going NOWHERE. But somehow, Rise Against makes it easier to be a part of this Nowhere Generation and the kids that no one wants while having some anthems to go with how we feel. 

#9: Ice Nine Kills – Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2

Ice Nine Kills outdid themselves and put together a great collection of songs tributing Pet Cemetery, Resident Evil, American Psycho, and more. This is a follow-up album that hammers in the notion that music is supposed to be fun. Ice Nine Kills have come in trying to do something unique and enjoy the music they make. Wild creativity matched with the heaviness INK can provide, Horrorwood is the scary destination that I’d gladly buy a ticket to visit.

#8: Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon

Trivium is a shining example of how to use forced downtime to your advantage, and In The Court Of The Dragon is another entry in Trivium’s impressive streak of deep and remarkable albums over the past few years. Is Dungeons and Dragons Metal going to become more popular now? I’m not sure. But I do know that playing this album in the background of a D&D session will only make the session that much better. 

#7: Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Arguably the most buzz in the rock and metal world in 2021 for a newer group went to Spiritbox, and rightfully so as Eternal Blue is something refreshing. With Courtney Duplantier and Mike Stringer returning to the music world, I truly feel Spiritbox has become the next big thing to happen in heavy music. Replay value for days and as energetic as it was when the album was released, Eternal Blue satisfied a lot of people who had insanely high expectations. 

#6: Converge & Chelsea Wolfe – Bloodmoon I

Bloodmoon I is difficult to describe if you aren’t familiar with Converge or Chelsea Wolfe but this album packs a full impact punch to the gut with how powerful and tense the music gets through long tracks. Bloodmoon puts you in a trance and the music has a massive buildup and you hear so much of that tension rising until the aggression boils over. Converge & Chelsea Wolfe make something as terrifying as it is engaging and inviting.

#5: Epica – Omega

Slow and theatrical, fast and bombastic, Epica does it all. Everything about Omega and the live stream Omega Alive deserves some respect as this isn’t just an album, it’s an experience. Simone Simons’ singing is still as breathtaking as ever. Symphonic metal does NOT get the attention it deserves in the metal community and Epica’s massive entry is more proof of that. From death growls to the operatic soprano, Epica brings it all to the table.

#4: Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready

Lingua Ignota is on the verge of becoming a massive name, not just a critical darling. The music in Sinner Get Ready proves that she knows how to dominate as the voice of Kristin Hayter is as haunting as it is impressive. At almost a full hour of music, not a second feels wasted as every moment either builds to something beautiful or is used to shock your senses. Sinner Get Ready will knock you off your feet if you aren’t prepared.

#3: Gojira – Fortitude

It was roughly five years between Gojira albums and for a band this fierce and heavy going a bit more groove-filled, it was music to my ears. Whether it was shouting along with “Another World” or the amazing rhythm in “Amazonia”, Fortitude is low and thick with Joe Duplantier growling and screaming his head off. As time goes on Gojira proves they are a group that doesn’t lose a step and Fortitude follows that idea. 

#2: CHVRCHES – Screen Violence

CHVRCHES leaning into a deeper alternative and guitar-driven style reinvigorated my appreciation for the group. Screen Violence stepped everything up. Lauren Mayberry changes her tone and adapts to a variety of expressions. This album sets a new bar for what CHVRCHES can create and I want to hear what comes next. A band this creative can always surprise us. Also, feel free to bring back Robert Smith because “How Not To Drown” was great.

#1: Turnstile – GLOW ON

Saying that Turnstile is redefining what hardcore can be does not do justice to how many styles the band incorporates in GLOW ON. Fantastic bass and rhythm along with a strong and well mixed vocal performance from Brendan Yates. You’ll be singing along after one song. It’s that infectious. Fair warning: GLOW ON is a “jump around the house and stage dive off of furniture” sounding album so make sure nothing breakable is in reach before playing this one. Once you have everything secured and safe listening space, play this album loud. Loud enough for the neighbors to hear it, and then invite them in to jump around with you. They’ll love GLOW ON also. 

Honorable Mentions:
Bo Burnham – Inside
Creeper – American Noir (EP)
Poppy – EAT (EP)
Starset – Horizons
Tremonti – Marching In Time
Whitechapel – Kin

Thank you for checking out our list of the best albums of 2021. Here’s hoping 2022 leads to as much good music as we had this past year.

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